Lawn Care Services


Aerations are an essential part of lawn care here in Colorado, where soils can become incredibly compact. 

Aeration breaks up compacted soil to allow air, moisture, and nutrients to penetrate down to the root layer of your grass. 

A strong root system is the key to a healthy and long lasting lawn.

Aerating your lawn is recommended at least once a year in the Spring or Fall. However, in areas with heavy clay soils such as ours, a Spring and Fall aeration is ideal. 

How to Prepare for an Aeration

An aerator penetrates loose, moist soil much better than dry soil. Plan to thoroughly water your lawn one to two days before your aeration to get the most for your money. 

Mark any obstacles in your lawn that could be damaged by the aerator. That means sprinkler heads.


There is an additional fee to having Teem Green mark your sprinkler heads. Once your sprinkler system is active, we can quickly run each zone and mark the heads with flags.


You can mark your own sprinklers to waive the additional marking fee.

Other Services Include

Spring/Fall Clean Up | Bush/Hedge Trimming

Weekly Mowing | Sprinkler Activation/Blowout

Sprinkler Repair | Pruning | Dead Heading