Lawn Maintenance

Teem Green is of the natural mindset when it comes to caring for lawns.

Your lawn can be set on the right path by following a few simple and      inexpensive mowing practices. 

Mow Frequently
 Grass doesn't like to have more than a 1/3 of it's length cut at one time.

When you let the grass grow long and then cut it very short, your grass expends its energy repairing the tip of the blade, rather than the developing the roots.

Mowing on a weekly basis is one of the most simple ways to keep your lawn healthy and looking great. 
Keep at a Healthy Height

Each blade of grass is a leaf.

The shorter the leaf, the less surface area the grass has to use photosynthesis.

This vital process is what fuels leaf and root development.

Healthy grass at a healthy height keeps weeds at bay, and reduces the amount of moisture lost to evaporation.
Mulch the Clippings
When the lawn is cut and the clippings are hauled away, valuable nutrients are being hauled away as well! 

Mulching the clippings into the lawn can meet up to half of your fertilization needs for the year. 

Don't worry, we'll still haul the clippings away for you, and at no extra cost. Simply consider additional applications of fertilizer throughout the year with this approach to mowing.