Teem Green's Organic Fertilization Program

Our Organic Fertilizing Program combined with our weekly mowing service, annual aeration, and sprinkler management is a complete package that will get your lawn looking healthy and green!

There are many benefits to going organic when it comes to lawn care. Organic fertilizer is all about building the soil. When your lawn has healthy soil, the grass becomes more resilient to heat, drought, and stress. Chemical fertilizers feed the grass, and when the food runs out, it’s time to provide them with more food. This makes them dependent on regular feedings, and does little to build the soil the grass lives in.

Slow Release Fertilization

The granulars we use are slow release, which means the nitrogen and valuable nutrients are made available to the grass over a period of time. Fertilizers that aren’t slow release can encourage rapid growth, which means more watering and more mowing. Much of the fertilizer is then wasted because the grass couldn’t use it all before it runs off; before you know it your grass is hungry again.

Non-Burning Fertilization

Organic fertilizers have very little danger of damaging your lawn due to a lower concentration of nitrogen, as well as the slow release effect.