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Time to Prune Your Roses!

Spring time means it's time to get ready to prune your roses! The later part of April and leading into May is the best time to cut back your roses for optimal growth. Time to get out to the garden and see how they did in those winter months.

Make sure your pruners are sharp and that you have a nice pair of thick gloves. Though the blossoms are dormant, the thorns are not!

Generally, it's best to pull the mulch back from the rose over a couple of days. This allows the plant to adjust to the soil temperature of the new growing season.

In addition, it's best to remove any weeds that have grown around the base of the rose. These weeds will inhibit new growth.

Also, take a look at the leaves on your rose. Are there black spots and yellow patches? These are diseases that tend to happen each winter. Remove those leaves as well.

In addition to these spotted leaves, you want to take a look at the canes of the plant. Some of them may be brown and blackened. You want to remove any of these diseased or damaged canes first. If it's the entire cane, cut it at the bottom. If not, the general rule of thumb is to prune the canes down until you have reached the green wood and cut one inch lower. If there are any canes crossing each other severely, cut out the weaker of the two as well.

When you're getting ready to prune a cane, cut at a slightly down and inward angle. Be sure to pay attention to the direction of the growth; keep your canes growing up and outward from the middle of the rose. A pair of scissors can be used to remove any small and twiggy stems, as well as old rose hips.

Once you've finished pruning your roses, don't forget to fertilize them! Don't be afraid to prune your roses. A good clean up in the spring, feeding, and proper watering can give you a beautiful blossoming rose later in the season!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns about pruning your roses. We'll do our best to help!

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